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A non-traditional tour guide, Turistando por Abu Dhabi, Dubai e Sharjah (Touring around Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah) is a delightful travel diary, filled with stunning photos, revealing fascinating aspects of the culture, customs, United Arab Emirates traditions, far beyond the traditional scripts. Author Téia Camargo demystifies the country of the Middle East as an exclusive and expensive destination for Brazilian people, residents of Brazil in other countries of the world, with affordable tips for consumption and tours. The book will be launched at the Bienal Internacional do Livro São Paulo 2018 book fair in two dates, at Eu Leio Brasil booth (K Street, 92): 04/08 (from 1PM) and 05/08 (from 4PM).


The Brazilian book fair is honoring in 2018 the Arab emirate of Sharjah, declared by UNESCO as the capital of Arab culture (1998), capital of Islamic culture (2014) and capital of Arab tourism (2015), elected as the book capital of the world in 2019.

Despite the personal and engaging tone of Téia Camargo’s personal experiences, accompanied by her husband on a trip to Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, the recommendations were checked on Brazilian and United Arab Emirates government official websites and, at the end of each chapter, with tips from Cassilda (Cacá) Castello, a Brazilian who has been working for the last 12 years with local tourism focused on Brazilian tourists.

“This book is by no means a travel guide, nor is it intended to be a historical-political-ideological-religious trait or any value judgment. None of this! It was an unforgettable journey, in which I learned a lot, reviewed positions, overturned barriers built on misunderstandings, experimented with new palates, inspired scents hitherto unknown to me, and felt so at ease that on the last night I went up on a stage to dance with an Arab folk group that presented itself to tourists”, explains the author.

Téia Camargo presents in detail information about food (where to go out to eat, buy spices), transport, climate, lodging, laws and habits, clothes, visits in traditional places (such as the fascinating desert, mosques, museums), incredible Ferrari Park, Legoland Park (with more than 20 million pieces of Lego that reproduce the main monuments and postcards of Dubai), the largest amusement complex in the world, Dubai Park Resorts, IMG Worlds of Adventure (a fully based on Marvel Comics and Cartoon Network Designs), Louvre Abu Dhabi, and the world’s largest natural flower garden, the Miracle Garden, for example.

There are scripts that fit the pocket of singles, married, families with children and teenagers, senior citizens. Half of the proceeds from the book sales will be reimbursed to the Pro Criança Cardiac Hospital, a non-profit medical institution founded in 1996 by cardiologist Dr. Rosa Celia (http: //


Turistando por Abu Dhabi, Dubai e Sharjah (Touring Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah)

1st ed. – Cotia: Independent, 2018.

142 pages

15.5×23 cm

ISBN 978-85-921917-3-3

Cover Price: R$ 35

Ebook Price: R$ 9,90


Where to buy Turistando por Abu Dhabi, Dubai e Sharjah :


About the writer: Téia Camargo

Téia Camargo is member of União Brasileira de Escritores (Brazilian Union of Writers), bachelor in History, Educational Law specialist, Divulga Escritor website columnist, awarded in several literary competitions and author of the titles Aqui entre nós (Here among us), Diário de Bordo (Diary on Board) and Versos e Versões (Verses and Versions). Inveterate traveler, she likes to travel the world, always in the company of her husband, in search of inspiration in the novelties she glimpses with an attentive and curious look.


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